We Supply Firewood Throughout Christchurch

Davies Firewood supplies and promptly delivers split, clean and dry firewood to homes throughout Christchurch and its surrounding rural areas all throughout the year. View Firewood Prices


  • Free delivery within Christchurch – Monday to Friday.
  • We only deliver; sorry no pick ups of boot or trailer loads.
  • Our payment term are cheque, cash or internet banking.
  • A $10 delivery fee applies only for deliveries to Kaiapoi and nearby rural areas that are less than 9m³ (ie West Melton, Rolleston, Prebbleton, Lincoln, Burnham).
  • A $20 delivery fee applies only to hill suburbs.
  • A $20 delivery fee applies for Saturday deliveries. Remember Monday to Friday does not have this delivery fee.
  • Delivery fees are per delivery; not per 3m³.
  • Conditions may apply to 3m³deliveries to Kaiapoi, nearby rural areas and hill suburbs – please enquire.
  • 12m³ deliveries are possible. Please enquire.

Wood Information

  • Pine – A soft wood that is easy to start a fire with. An economical wood.
  • Old Man Pine – Pine that has been allowed to grow longer as trees and therefore has more burning time in it than normal Pine.
  • Logburner Mix – Half Pine and half Oregon or Larch (you choose). Start the fire with the Pine and then use the Oregon/Larch to keep the fire burning longer.
  • Pine/Blue Gum Mix – Half Pine and half Blue Gum. An economical mix where the fire must be started with the Pine and then the Blue Gum used once the fire is burning well as Blue Gum is a hard wood that burns for extended periods of time but is too dense to start a fire with.
  • Oregon or Larch – You can choose which one you want delivered. Both are great all round woods that you can start a fire with, split into kindling easily and produce a great cosy heat. Larch burns a little longer than Oregon.
  • Premium Mix – Half Oregon or Larch (you choose) and half Blue Gum. Start your fire with Oregon/Larch and then use the Blue Gum to produce the longest lasting heat of our 3 mixes.
  • Blue Gum or Macrocarpa – our longest burning wood.
  • ETHOS wood is cut a little shorter in its width and length than our standard wood and is designed to fit in ETHOS Logburners, small Ultra Low Emission Burners and other smaller than average logburners.
  • This year the ETHOS Logburner Mix is half ETHOS Larch and half ETHOS Pine and the ETHOS Premium Mix is half ETHOS Larch and half ETHOS Blue Gum.
  • Start your fire using kindling. We have kindling at $8.00 per bag or reduced to $7.00 a bag if you buy 8 or more bags. Great if you don’t like or don’t have time to cut kindling.

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Firewood Prices

October – December Deliveries 3m³ 6m³ 9m³
Pine $225 $430 $645
Old Man Pine $240 $460 $690
Logburner Mix $285 $545 $820
Pine/Blue Gum Mix $300 $580 $870
Oregon or Larch $340 $660 $990
Premium Mix $360 $695 $1045
Blue Gum or Macrocarpa $375 $730 $1095
ETHOS Pine $270 $520 $780
ETHOS Logburner Mix $325 $630 $945
ETHOS Pine/Blue Gum $340 $660 $990
ETHOS Larch $380 $740 $1110
ETHOS Premium Mix $400 $775 $1165
ETHOS Blue Gum $415 $810 $1215

Kindling – $8.00 per bag; 8 or more bags $7.00 a bag

Firewood Size

  • All our wood is cut to 31-34cm in length except ETHOS/XEOOS wood.
  • ETHOS/XEOOS wood is cut to 28 to 31cm in length and appx 20-23cm in width for ETHOS and XEOOS woodburners and other logburners with small fireboxes.